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Who Profits From Global Warming Hype?

CRC GreenWatch editor David Hogberg examines which groups benefit from promoting global warming hype in an article in the American Spectator. The amount of money going into the coffers of global warming alarmists is huge--$125 in private and government grants from 2000-2002 according to a report from the George C. Marshall Institute. Two of the biggest recipients are the Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense.

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Environment Grants Database - After learning that many of the nation's most extreme environmental groups have received billions of taxpayer dollars from the federal government, Landmark also initiated recent litigation against the EPA, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Service aimed at exposing both the amount and misuse of federal grants by these organizations, including political advocacy and lobbying. The EPA has already produced a list of nearly 14,000 grants totaling more than $2 billion made to nonprofit organizations since 1993. Landmark has used the information produced through this litigation to create the most extensive database on environmental grants awarded by the government on the Internet.

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Environment Grants Database - Search our Environmental Grants database provided by GreenWatch. This free service identifies the location, leadership and membership of each profiled group. It tells you about their activities and uncovers their sources.
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