Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator

Ronald Reagan's 90th birthday may not be an official national holiday, but it's a celebration of the national spirit nonetheless. More than anything else, Reagan believed in America and the greatness of her people. Reagan's answer to an economy in freefall was to rely on the people through the free market by cutting dramatically taxes and government regulations. His answer to communism was to win the Cold War by modernizing the military (including America's nuclear arsenal), initiating a Strategic Defense Initiative, and directly challenging the moral validity of the "Evil Empire."

What the literati and political elite have never understood is that Reagan was the Great Communicator not because he was a trained actor, but because he gave a passionate, sincere voice to the core values of the American people. He was a leader who inspired hope and confidence, offered a positive vision of the future, and had the character and courage to face down his foes — foreign and domestic.

Reagan was an uncommon man of common birth who was more than equal to his times and his office.

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