Landmark Calls on Leahy to Step Aside on September 11 Probe

Senator Patrick Leahy
Senate Judiciary Committee
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

June 4, 2002

Re: Status of Senate Judiciary
Chairman Patrick Leahy

Dear Senator Leahy:

On July 28, 1987, you were forced to resign from the Senate Intelligence Committee ("Committee"). Specifically, you disclosed to one or more reporters information from a confidential draft report that the Committee had voted against releasing.

Landmark Legal Foundation ("Landmark") contacted the Senate Ethics Committee in search of any investigative information relating to your unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. Landmark was informed that any such information no longer exists. To this day, the public does not know the full extent of your misconduct. However, what is known is that you leaked confidential information in contravention of a Committee decision.

If you cannot be trusted to serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee, then you cannot be trusted to serve as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at a time when that Committee is overseeing an investigation into the government's intelligence operations – specifically, the FBI’s counter-terrorism activities. This is the most important investigation of national security matters since the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. You will have access to thousands of pages of classified information and closed door testimony.

Moreover, potential witnesses are likely to be less forthcoming because of your track record of compromising confidential information.

Therefore, Landmark asks that you step aside as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee until the Committee has completed its highly sensitive investigation. If you refuse to do so voluntarily, Landmark asks that the other Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee direct you to step aside.

In addition, by this letter, Landmark is requesting that the Attorney General direct the FBI to withhold classified information from the Committee until you step aside.


Mark R. Levin

CC: Attorney General John Ashcroft

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Ranking Member
Sen. Edward Kennedy
Sen. Joseph Biden
Sen. Herbert Kohl
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Russell Feingold
Sen. Charles Schumer
Sen. Richard Durbin
Sen. Maria Cantwell
Sen. John Edwards
Sen. Strom Thurmond
Sen. Charles Grassley
Sen. Arlen Specter
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