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Levin's sources

A conservative legal group is challenging Sen. Carl Levin to reveal the sources for his long-standing contention that Iraq was trying to build a nuclear weapon.

In recent weeks, the Michigan Democrat has led the way in accusing the Bush administration of misleading Congress and the public about the danger from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

"For five years, Senator Levin has insisted that Iraq has been pursuing weapons of mass destruction, including a nuclear program. We insist that Senator Levin reveal the sources and the bases for his long-standing allegations," Landmark Legal Foundation President Mark Levin told this column yesterday.

"And if Senator Levin cannot reveal that information or has been misleading the public for the last five years, then he should voluntarily step down as the ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee."

The Landmark president, in a letter to the senator yesterday, noted that in an Oct. 9, 1998, speech on the floor of the Senate, Mr. Levin had talked about Iraqi chemical weapons and referred to "reports that Iraq attempted to acquire materials for a nuclear weapons program, contrary to its treaty obligations."

And as recently as Aug. 4, 2002, the senator said he assumed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein would "continue with a clandestine nuclear program if he can."

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