Landmark's Reply to ASAO Selvig's Response to Landmark's Florida Bar Complaint

Today Michael Edmondson, spokesman for the Palm Beach County State Attorney, released Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Selvig's response to Landmark Legal Foundation's ethics complaint. Mr. Selvig was directed by the Florida Bar to provide a copy of his response to Landmark. Thus far, he has not done so. However, Landmark was provided a copy by a member of the media.

Landmark will provide a formal reply to Mr. Selvig's response no later than March 19, 2004, in compliance with the deadline set by the Florida Bar. However, having received media inquiries for comments on Mr. Selvig's response, Landmark's president, Mark R. Levin, releases the following statement:

"Regrettably, Mr. Selvig's answer to Landmark Legal Foundation's Florida Bar complaint fails to address the central issue respecting his conduct. As Landmark stated in its complaint, it is clear from public records ... that Mr. Krischer and Mr. Selvig have misrepresented the advice provided them by both the Florida Bar and the Florida Attorney General's Office in direct violation of the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct."

"Furthermore, the SAO created a false record and, in fact, failed to follow the actual advice it received from the Florida Attorney General's Office and the Florida Bar - a direct and knowing assault on the integrity of the administration of justice - which is a clear violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

"Landmark's complaint has nothing to do with the propriety of releasing the letters at issue, as argued by Mr. Selvig's response. We will provide a more complete response when Landmark files its answer to Mr. Selvig's filing."

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