AP - Sensenbrenner calls on Gorelick to resign from Sept. 11 commission

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner called on Jamie Gorelick to resign from the Sept. 11 commission Wednesday, citing a memo she wrote as a deputy attorney general on separating counterintelligence from criminal investigations.

"Scrutiny of this policy lies at the heart of the commission's work," said Sensenbrenner, R-Wis. "Ms. Gorelick has an inherent conflict of interest as the author of this memo and as a government official at the center of the events in questions."

On Tuesday, Attorney General John Ashcroft released the declassified 1995 memo from Gorelick containing instructions that "more clearly separate" counterintelligence from criminal investigations. He said the "wall" between counterintelligence and criminal investigations was a key impediment to terrorism probes before the Sept. 11 attacks.

The Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative law firm, also has called on Gorelick to step down, citing the memo.

A phone message left with the Sept. 11 commission was not immediately returned Wednesday.

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