Contact: Eric Christensen


(Leesburg, VA) Landmark Legal Foundation today demanded that Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy stop his personal assault on the federal judiciary, especially the United States Supreme Court.

Landmark president Mark R. Levin said, “I am deeply concerned that Kennedy and some of his colleagues have helped create a dangerous environment of disrespect and hostility for the federal judiciary. Starting with the vicious attack on Judge Robert Bork’s character in 1987, and continuing with several of President Bush’s nominees, Kennedy, working with People for the American Way and other groups, has sought to tear down the reputations of justices, judges and judicial nominees with whom he disagrees.”

Levin, also author of the New York Times bestseller on the Supreme Court, Men in Black, sent a letter today to Kennedy with examples of irresponsible and reckless rhetoric that he and others in his party have used to attack the courts and judicial nominees.

Levin added, “Accusing judges or judicial nominees of supporting back alley abortions, being an embarrassment, subverting the popular vote, and being Frankenstein is hit-and-run rhetoric of the worse kind. Kennedy has done enormous and unjustifiable damage to the public’s perception of the judiciary’s role. I ask that he cease his irresponsible behavior.”

Landmark is a public interest law firm founded in 1976, with offices in Kansas City, MO and Leesburg, VA.


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