Landmark Educating the Public and Defending Voter Integrity


Landmark Legal Foundation is committed to ballot box integrity.  For many years, we have supported state legislative efforts to ensure that all eligible U.S. citizens are able to vote – but only eligible Americans vote.  The Foundation has defended reasonable, effective measures such as voter identification, voter registration list maintenance, and limitations on ballot harvesting.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the progressive left is pushing courts to interfere in this year’s presidential election.  A major priority for Landmark this year is to combat liberal attempts to nationalize elections and throw out state voter integrity laws.  We have taken to all kinds of news media to educate the public on the Constitution’s election provisions.  The Foundation will continue defending the rule of law until the election’s outcome is resolved.


U.S. Supreme Court Briefs

Pennsylvania's Unconstitutional Mail-in Voting Scheme, Kelly v. Commonwealth

Landmark Defending Arizona's Ballot Harvesting Restrictions, Brnovich v. DNC.


Op-Eds and News Articles:

The American Spectator

Pete Hutchison, “Phony Election Bill Threatens American Democracy,” https://spectator.org/election-reform-bill-s-1-democracy/


Pete Hutchison and Mike O'Neill on Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Chief Justice Robert's Election Mess (RealClearPolicy)  



Mike O'Neill on Biden Legal Team Intern Menacing Pennsylvania Voters (Be aware--offensive social media posts included.)  (Washington Examiner)


Pete Hutchison and Mike O'Neill on Chief Justice Robert's Misguided Approach to State Court Interference. (The Hill)



Pete Hutchison on Judicial Interference and the Coming Election Chaos (The Hill)


Arizona's Important Ballot Harvesting Case in the U.S. Supreme Court



Expanding voting by mail opens new opportunities for fraud:


Trump says 'fraud,' but officials say mail elections are secure:



During Pandemic Is Partisan and Political, Experts Say:



Be wary of voting by mail initiatives:


Washington Examiner -- Pete Hutchison Op-Ed, HEROES Act is Nancy Pelosi's election plot, May 23, 2020.​

Epoch Times -- Push for Mail-in Balloting During Pandemic Is Partisan, Experts Say, May 21, 2020

Radio highlights: 


Date:    Wednesday March 3

Time:    4:25 - 4:45pm ET (taped)

Reporter:           Chad Groening (online article and radio segment to run later/tomorrow)

Show:   American Family News

Outlet:  OneNewsNow and American Family Radio

Topic:   Brnovich and election integrity

Print:  https://onenewsnow.com/legal-courts/2021/03/08/optimism-that-scotus-will-uphold-election-protections


Date:    Friday March 5

Time:    12:15 - 12:30pm ET (live)

Show:   The Joyce Kaufman Show

Outlet/location: WFTL 850AM, W. Palm Beach, FL

Topic:   Brnovich and election integrity


Mike at 09:29

AIRED March 6 - Date: Friday March 5
Time:    5:30 - 5:50pm ET (taped to air tonight)
Show:   Keith Hanson Show
Outlet/location:   syndicated by Global Star Radio Network (pacific NW & midwest)
Topic:  Brnovich and election integrity



Date:    Tuesday March 9

Time:    7:30 - 7:45am ET (live)
Show:   Philadelphia’s Morning Answer with Chris Stigall
Outlet/location:   WNTP 990AM, Philadelphia, PA


Mike at 1:08:12


AIRED 3/17 - Date: Tuesday March 9

Time:    10:00 - 10:20am ET (taped)

Show:   American Viewpoints

Outlet/location:             statewide MO and 4 AZ markets

Topic:   Brnovich, HR 1 & Biden’s EO



Date:    Thursday March 25

Time:    5:15 - 5:30pm ET (live)

Show:   Upfront with Vicki McKenna

Outlet/location:             WIBA 1310AM & WISN 1130AM, Madison - Milwaukee, WI

Topic:   Federalist piece on Brnovich


Mike at 1:20:57

Date:    Friday March 26

Time:    6:33 - 6:45am ET (live)

Show:   Steve Gruber Show

Outlet/location:    WJIM 1240AM, Lansing MI & syndicated statewide - #1 morning show

Also airing on Americas Voice: https://americasvoice.news/the-steve-gruber-show/

Topic:   Federalist piece on Brnovich



10/19 - KTRH 740AM, Houston, TX

Afternoon Drive news

Mike O'Neill

Judicial Interference Threatens Elections Process By Nik Rajkovic, Oct 20, 2020



10/18 - KVOI 690AM, Tucson, AZ

Liberty Watch

Mike O’Neill on Ballot Box Integrity



10/16 - WINA 1070AM, Charlottesville, VA

Pete Hutchison on Election Cases



10/16 - WGSO 990AM, New Orleans, LA

Mike O’Neill


(segment at 49:20)


10/16 - KFTK 97.1, St. Louis, MO

The Marc Cox Morning Show
Pete Hutchison on Push for Judicial Rewrite of Election Rules


10/14 - WTMA 1250AM, Charleston, SC

WTMA Morning Show w/ Charlie James

Pete Hutchison on Judicial Interference in Elections


(segment at 50:00)

10/12 - WCGO 1590AM/95.9FM, Chicago IL

The Hard Question with Blanquita Cullom
Pete Hutchison


(segment at 20:00)

Radio Interview -- Pete Hutchison blasts Democrats attempt to nationalize elections on Don Kroah Show, May 20, 2020

Radio Interview -- Todd Starnes interviews Pete Hutchison about disastrous (Unauthorized) ACCESS Act, May 15, 2020

Radio Interview -- Pete Hutchison discusses leftist attacks on voter integrity on John Reid Show in Richmond, VA, May 12, 2020