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Real Clear Policy

Pete Hutchison & Mike O’Neill, “Court Packing Threat Is Only the Latest Attempt to Undermine the Judiciary,”


The American Spectator

Pete Hutchison, “Phony Election Bill Threatens American Democracy,”


Joyce Kaufman Show

Mike O'Neill explains the importance of the Supreme Court's consideration of Arizona's critical "ballot harvesting" law.

Pastor Greg Young Show

Mike O'Neill on teacher union pressure on Joe Biden to slow school reopening.

The Andy Caldwell Show

Mike O'Neill talks about teacher union interference with reopening schools across the nation.


Mike Ferguson Show

Landmark President Pete Hutchison talks about the second Trump Impeachment trial.



Matt Forys writes on the unconstitutionality of Obambacare's individual mandate in the premier Supreme Court blog,



Pete Hutchison and Mike O'Neill on Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Chief Justice Robert's Election Mess


Washington Examiner

Pennsylvania House GOP candidate refers Democrat's social media posts to US attorney

by Kerry Picket, Senior Campaign Reporter - October 30, 2020 11:01 AM -

The Hill

Chief Justice Roberts is right on election decisions — except when he's wrong


The Hill

Judicial interference and the coming constitutional crisis
By Pete Hutchison, Opinion Contributor — 10/14/20 01:30 PM EDT -


American Greatness
Judicial Election Interference Threatens Constitutional Crisis:  Courts are interfering in voter laws throughout the states. The bottom line is that state legislatures have the responsibility and the right to defend their constitutional authority

By Pete Hutchison, October 12, 2020 -


KTRH (iHeart stations)

Judicial Interference Threatens Elections Process 
By Nik Rajkovic, Oct 20, 2020 -


Read Pete Hutchison's op-ed, "Judicial Election Interference Threatens Constitutional Crisis."


Liberal organizations' SCOTUS messaging document includes plan of action for confirmation battle:


Radio Interview: Matt Forys discussed the final 3 potential SCOTUS Associate Justice nominees on Bill Martinez Live, September 23:


Election Integrity Project Weighs In On Arizona’s Ballot Harvesting Law:


Conservative Group Backs Border Wall Funding At High Court:


Expanding voting by mail opens new opportunities for fraud:


Landmark Legal Foundation Brief Key to Court Ruling on Presidential Power:


Trump says 'fraud,' but officials say mail elections are secure:


Push for Mail-In Balloting During Pandemic Is Partisan and Political, Experts Say:


Be wary of voting by mail initiatives:


Growing Ethics Complaints on Schumer for SCOTUS Comments


SCOTUS Mulls Power of Administrative State in Obama-Era CFPB

Washington Examiner -- Pete Hutchison Op-Ed, HEROES Act is Nancy Pelosi's election plot, May 23, 2020.

Epoch Times -- Push for Mail-in Balloting During Pandemic Is Partisan, Experts Say, May 21, 2020

Radio Interview -- Pete Hutchison blasts Democrats attempt to nationalize elections on Don Kroah Show, May 20, 2020

Radio Interview -- Todd Starnes interviews Pete Hutchison about disastrous (Unauthorized) ACCESS Act, May 15, 2020

Radio Interview -- Pete Hutchison discusses leftist attacks on voter integrity on John Reid Show in Richmond, VA, May 12, 2020

Radio Interview -- Associate General Counsel Matt Forys explains on Todd Starnes Show Landmark's Chuck Schumer Ethics Investigation Complaint, March 9, 2020


CNS NEWS -- Landmark Legal Requests Senate Ethics Investigation of Schumer for Threatening Supreme Court Justices, March 6, 2020


Radio Interview -- Associate General Counsel Mike O'Neill on "Do Over Voting" in Michigan and beyond, The Steve Gruber Show, March 5, 2020.

The Right Scoop -- Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal tried to get FISA court to act on abuses back in 2017 but were DENIED, Dec. 17, 2019

The Mark Levin Show -- Pete Hutchison discusses Supreme Court

decision allowing state voter registration confirmation.

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